About Texas Heatwave Band

The Texas Heatwave Band THE wedding, party and event band, covering the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today’s current music from all styles.

Today’s hits? No problem.

You want classic country? We gotcha covered.

Party Disco-Funky-Soul? We are so your band!

Awesome 80’s hair bands? DONE!

Entertainment Professionals that can bring perfect mix to a Wedding, Corporate Event, Party or Celebration!

Let the Texas Heatwave Band make your night spectacular.

Call us today at the Heatwave Hotline: (254) 307 - 2263

Texas Heatwave Band members have played in smokey bars, symphony orchestras, weddings, internationally touring choirs and broadway style musicals. So no matter what your party needs, Texas Heatwave Band can make it happen.

  • Rachel Donohue

    Vocal Awesomeness

    Rachel brings class and sass to the Texas Heatwave Stage. She can belt out Linda Rhondstat and Lady Gaga without missing a beat.

    Oh, And she's all about that Bass...player.

  • Kari Peden

    Vocalest Extrodinare and Keyboardist

    With a vocal range and depth of musical knowledge that any musician would envy, Kari simply rocks the house. She blows us away with her professionalism, spirit and fun every show.

  • Mike Donohue

    Vocals and Bass Guitar

    Mike is a Rock-n-Roll veteran. With more stage time than most people have practice time.

    He's played with groups as diverse as the rocking Mad Edison, the Country Chris Lowe Band and the jazzy Mustard Seed.

  • Scott Peden

    Vocals and Keyboards

    Scott Makes Texas Heatwave sound like a 20 piece band. Equally at home with Jazz, Rock, and traditional classics; Scott makes Texas Heatwave fill any size hall.

  • Charles Burleson

    Vocals, Drums and Percussion

    With a musical history to top all, Charles is just as comfortable on a cruise ship, performing with the Waco Symphony Orchestra or running with the Elephants as he is making your party even more awesome.

  • Bryan Hill

    Vocals and Guitar

    Bryan plays guitar with all the heart and soul that he can muster. And he'll play personally for every table in the room. Go ahead, dance with the goofball!

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